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Certified Leadership & Life Coach

Find your sweet spot

—and Thrive.

Value-centered, results-driven leadership and life coaching that helps individuals to conceive, achieve and Thrive!

What's your sweet spot?

It looks different for each of us, but ultimately, it’s the place where you are your most authentic self, acting with clarity and intention, and focused on accomplishing what’s really important to you with confidence and ease.

Clarity + Intention + Action = Results

Leverage the power of clarity and intention to align your values and actions in a way that amplifies your potential and is personally and professionally transformative. I’ll help you crystallize what’s truly important, explore the possibilities and build an action plan that will help you Thrive.
You Deserve to Find Your Sweet Spot

I’m on this path today because a few simple yet powerful questions unlocked doors for me. I found my sweet spot—that place where I can live fully and fearlessly, with clarity, authenticity and intention. I’d like to help you find yours and thrive in it.

Benefits You Will Gain

A fresh perspective on challenges and opportunities

Thought partnership for mapping the way forward

Tailored strategies for achieving your goals

Heightened self-awareness

Enhanced strategic decision-making skills

A higher degree of confidence

Increased satisfaction with life and work


Leadership Coaching

Bi-weekly or weekly sessions rooted in introspection and self-reflection. Designed to help you achieve business objectives, increase your leadership effectiveness and personal awareness, and maximize your organizational performance.

Life Coaching

Bi-weekly or weekly sessions rooted in introspection and self-reflection. Designed to help you gain clarity, identify your values, explore and improve relationships, advance in your career, and manage your day-to-day life.

Group Coaching

Customized coaching sessions for groups of 4-8 individuals with similar goals. Designed to leverage the power of collaboration to work through challenges, identify solutions, and build accountability.

A Little About Me

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion,
some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

— Maya Angelou

I’m curious by nature and love helping people find their sweet spot, so they can begin to thrive. I have spent my career as a Human Resources Leader coaching and consulting with mid-to-senior level leaders and executives in the financial services, aerospace and printing/book publishing sectors. Over the years, I’ve partnered with emerging leaders, new managers and mid to senior leaders to increase their personal awareness, hone their leadership skills, craft an authentic leadership presence, communicate powerfully, build strategic relationships, and effectively lead their organizations. I’m a Certified Personal and Executive Coach through The Coaching & Positive Psychology Institute and am an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation. I hold a Bachelors degree in Marketing from Drake University and a MBA in Human Resource Management from DePaul University.

I believe that each of us possesses the insight and ability to create meaningful and sustainable change in our lives. As your coach, I will be a thought partner and provide space for you to reflect on what is most important, address obstacles, explore possibilities, and take risks. I will also provide support and hold you accountable for your commitments, as you intentionally align your values and actions to achieve the outcomes that are most important to you.


My Coaching Framework


We’ll visualize your goals, confront your obstacles and challenges, explore potential solutions, and build a framework for meaningful and sustainable change.


Intention becomes execution. As you begin to attain your goals, I’ll challenge you to dig deep, reflect, and stay true to yourself and your intentions.


As your success builds and you begin to create the outcomes you desire, you’ll learn to live and lead confidently from a place of authenticity and courage that’s in full alignment with your values.
Tracy artfully set the stage for an effective coaching interaction...
“Tracy artfully set the stage for an effective coaching interaction. She provided a roadmap for the process, partnered with me to clarify my goals, and skillfully used techniques to keep me accountable and on track throughout the process. Tracy effortlessly posed thoughtful questions to prompt self-reflection and appropriately challenge me. Within a very short period of time, Tracy had earned my trust and complete confidence. Tracy is smart and truly exemplifies professionalism. As she actively listened, I could sense her empathy, encouragement, and strong commitment to helping me achieve my goals. At the end of each session, I truly felt positive, validated, and prepared to take meaningful action.” 
Tracy has conducted our coaching sessions professionally and efficiently...
“Tracy has conducted our coaching sessions professionally and efficiently, providing just the right amount of nudging to promote self-reflection and self-discovery. She guided me through the sessions with pointed questions which allowed me to understand in depth the areas that I wanted to address, while helping me to identify tactics to tackle those areas.”
The time spent with Coach Tracy has been very beneficial...
“The time spent with Coach Tracy has been very beneficial. She is the type of coach who will not let you get away with your excuses, justifications, and/or ‘reasons.’ While she gives you space to express them – the discussion does not end there. She pushes you to explore what’s next in spite of them. As one who finds comfort in at least ‘understanding’ whatever my ‘issue’ may be, Coach Tracy has helped me to see where understanding is just that, and how moving past simply understanding provides a much greater opportunity to initiate change – or not – around what is now understood. As my coach she has helped me to ask the more difficult questions, especially those that would have me to see myself, old dreams, and old stories differently; and that seeing these aspects differently is ok. She has also encouraged me to seek honesty from within, as well as trust what my heart tells me. “
Tracy is a fabulous Coach!...
“Tracy is a fabulous Coach! She is calm, centered, and very good at keeping things on track and getting at the deeper level pieces that are so important. She makes trust very easy and I think she is the best of anybody who has coached me!”
Get Ready to Thrive
Tony Robbins once said: “The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.” 

If you’re ready to take the first step, schedule a Complimentary Chemistry Call to learn how gaining clarity and acting with intention can help you find your sweet spot and begin to THRIVE.

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